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Michael & Kathy Brennan  ​~ Woodworking

9" x 15.5"
​Decorative cross made with curly maple with babinga and walnut edges plus turquoise inlay.

Wolf Tracker 11
19 x 10
​Decorative wall plaque made with walnut, maple and babinga with turquoise inlay.

Michael & Kathy, a collaborative team, blend ideas and concepts reflecting their experiences living in diverse environments throughout this country. Native American art and culture, as well as nature influence them. They design tables, lamps, picture frames and a variety of home decor pieces from a variety of wood.

Mesquite Wall Clock
17 x 11
​Decorative wall clock with Arizona mesquite, crushed turquoise inlay and a copper nugget. 

Lightning Bear "Power and Strength"
16 x 13
​Decorative wall plaque made with cherry, walnut with turquoise inlay.